About Horror Binge

I like horror movies from pretty much every time period, but most of my favorites come from the decade of the 1980s. Maybe it’s because this is when I started watching horror movies and they hold nostalgic meaning for me, but I also think a solid case can be made for the 80s being the best decade for horror movies period. It saw the rise of the slasher film, some of the biggest franchises in horror movie history, and plenty of low-budget flicks of all kinds that would go on to achieve cult-classic status. There really was something for everyone.

This is my quest to watch every horror movie released in the 1980s and write a review for each. I’ll rewatch old classics to see if they still hold up and I’ll seek out the stuff I never got around to watching or never even knew about. By doing this, I hope to bring back some memories for those of you who watched some of these movies years ago and guide you to some others you may like, as well as expose new generations to the movies that made the 80s such a great time to be a horror fan.

About the movies: When I say “every 80s horror movie” what I mean is all feature-length movies categorized as horror made between January 1st, 1980 and December 31st, 1989, and released at some point on video (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, streaming) in the United States. This includes movies that originated in the U.S. as well as movies that originated in other countries, but got an American video release. This eliminates a sizable number of foreign movies that never made it out of their home countries, but as these movies are not, and never were, accessible to me or, presumably, the majority of my audience, there’s no point in considering them. That leaves me with somewhere in the neighborhood of 800 horror movies to watch and review. I’ll have plenty to keep me busy for the next few years.

About links: All actors’ names will be hyperlinked to their respective IMDb pages. Directly after an actor’s name I’ll list any other 80s horror movies they appeared in and link those to reviews I’ve done for those particular movies. If I have not yet done a review for a particular movie, the title will be written in plain text rather than as a hyperlink. I’ll also add other links throughout to cite sources for information I incorporate into posts or to point you toward web pages that will help clarify something I write or that I think you may find interesting. My hope is that, over time, my site will provide many useful cross-references and external links for anyone who wants to dig a little deeper into a subject.

Also, I do have some Amazon Affiliate links on this website for anyone interested in buying any of the movies I review. That means if you click on one, and buy something from Amazon, I earn a small commission. These will typically be the “Buy it from Amazon” links at the bottom of posts, but some may appear within the posts as well.

About spoilers: I want these reviews to be entertaining and interesting for people who have already seen the movies, as well as useful for people who haven’t seen them and are looking for something new to watch. This means I need to be able to talk about the classic, well-known scenes without giving too much away. Honestly, the majority of the time it doesn’t matter. If a group of teens drives out to a remote cabin, you already know most of them are about to meet a gruesome end so I’m not really ruining anything if I tell you about the quarterback taking an ax to the face. At the same time, I promise I won’t wreck a movie for you by divulging a plot twist or surprise that is a key element of the movie. For those, I’ll either remain silent or give you a heads up that a spoiler is coming.

Finally, I want this site to be a fun place for horror fans to congregate and I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what you think about the movies or my reviews, and if you like what you see, please share the articles or tell your friends they should check out Horror Binge. Thanks for reading!